Empowering children on ice

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Hockey Education Reaching out Society is a non profit organization committed to empowering children through ice hockey.

The premise of HEROS is to use the game of hockey as a catalyst to attract youth to a program offering support for education self-esteem building and life skills training.

The program focuses on boys and girls of diverse ethnicity from economically challenged neighbourhoods. The program will be conducted in an environment of fun and safety where each child is considered to be a HERO.


Since the induction of my son into HEROS everything about him has changed. His attitude, his marks, his self-esteem have all risen to a level I had never seen before.
Parent, Vancouver

HEROS is an organization that puts children first. Since its inception, I have noticed the children's attitudes and class attendance improve dramatically. Students are utilizing the HEROS Tutoring Program and getting better grades and feeling better about themselves. As a teacher, the value of the Hockey Education Reaching Out Society is priceless.
Justin Borsato, Teacher: School District 39, Vancouver, BC